Giving Back




When we started on this venture of inventing, creating and bringing a new product to market, we were so excited about the prospect of improving people’s lives by introducing them to a simple product that makes them feel better

It has always been part of our mission to give back. Our latest opportunity was at the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford where we were able to donate Psi Bands to their deserving patients. Romy was given a guided tour of their amazing facility – which is full of light, hope, and love at every turn. And, in 2017, they will have an even more impressive facility as they expand their medical center.




We have also been fortunate to partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation as well as other cancer-related non-profits, including Fertile Hope, Bright Pink, and our local cancer care center, Pacific Cancer Care.





In addition to the support we give to the fight against cancer, we also make it a priority to give back to fellow entrepreneurs. Romy does this through her blog, “Both Sides of the Retail Table” (see below for more details), and as a speaker at numerous entrepreneurial events, including: Dove’s Mom 2.0 Summit, Disney on the Road, Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle, Rock the World, and others. We have advised students from elementary age to the collegiate level on entrepreneurial topics, including at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo’s “From Dorm Room to Board Room,” and Stanford University's The College-100 Teleconference Speaker Series.


In a more formal method of sharing what we have learned, we invite all product-based entrepreneurs to check out our blog Both Sides of the Retail Table. In this blog, Romy, along with former Target buyer Vanessa Ting, reveal both sides of the story regarding what an entrepreneur of a product-based company needs to know to land a coveted spot on major retailers’ shelves. Many entrepreneurs just don’t know where to begin when approaching retailers and there are so many lessons to learn along the way. In the spirit of giving back, we simply desire to share the tips we have learned along our own paths.



Book Romy As A Speaker

Romy inspires and educates entrepreneurs on navigating the retail landscape, including the key elements needed to be retail-ready with your product line, from your internal company infrastructure and resources to making sure your product line is viable and can present a business case to retail buyers. Her blog, Both Sides of the Retail Table, provides a glimpse of the range of topics that she can address. She is a mom of two teenagers, and can also speak about navigating motherhood while running a business. To book, please call (831) 373-7712 or email [email protected].

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